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I personally had no issues with the lines at AN this past year. :') It was a long wait on the Thursday, but I'm quite used to waiting in lines so it didn't bother me much. On Friday and the rest of the weekend our group had no problems getting in within a decent amount of time.

As far as guests go, I'd prefer they got better music guests. Maybe instead of three mediocre groups, one good one?
As far as VAs go, it would be nice to get some of the people requested. Getting Tatum and Brina this year was nice, though.

I also understand the need to put your name on your badge, but honestly, I'm running into more and more people at cons I'd rather not have my name. Even a first name and last initial would be better.

A bigger space for the Nominoichi would be nice. Or just better control over how many attendees get in at once. I found it difficult to even get to tables this year it was so jam packed.

Photoshoots aren't a big deal for me as it's easy to just go off with a few people on our own to get some nice photos somewhere, but some nicer locations would be good. Honestly, in front of the DT doors isn't what I would've had in mind for a good Kuroshitsuji shoot location. -Shrugs-

As far as photos in the dealers room go, I personally don't mind. If someone asks to take a picture of my I'll usually just try and step to the side out of people's way.
I'm also really starting to get turned off by the prices in the dealer's room. The only thing I buy in there anymore is manga and a plushie or two. It's not something we have any control over but it still irkes me, as I'm sure it does everyone else.

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