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Do I need any make up for..?

I know I'm posting all over this forum but that's because I actually know almost nothing about cosplaying (except for sewing).
So I'm cosplaying as Siesta 45 from Umineko no naku koro ni in February and as Arachne from Soul Eater in the summer. I'm white and my face are really really pale, seriously, people often tell me to check if I have anemia (which I don't have..) so I figured out it can work in my favor when I'm cosplaying as Arachne cuz she is really pale too, but I need to know for the siesta 45 cosplay - Does it matter? do I need make up so my face look less pale? I mean I'm not as white as a wall but Siesta 45 is also not that pale....So do I need makeup or it doesn't really matter?
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