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Interesting opinions. The flexiblity of the 70-200mm 2.8 is just splendid, while on the shoots I'd definately go for a 35/50/85mm 1.4-1.8 with creamy bokeh because of the problem with finding varied and good-looking backgrounds on the Con.

A macro lens would make for some interesting shots on props or armor too. But I've only tried one proper macro lens so I can't say I know much about them..

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For walkabout/hallway shots in a crowded convention, 50mm is gonna be a little on the long end for full-length shots, but will be perfect for portraits, head-and-shoulders, etc.
I guess you'd prefer like a 35mm then? That should just about be enough. I found it suiting me much better than an 85mm though I liked the amazing distortionless pictures it produced when taking a few steps back. So many choices xD
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