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Fan Expo Canada 2012:
- Anything John Barrowman related. He is not only a great actor, he is a funny person as well. During his Q&A, he related a couple of stories: 1) he got a lap dance and an unexpected surprise when he returned to his hotel room, and 2) his very interesting cab ride there. He also self-admitted that he botched a Phantom of the Opera song. And of course, this pic.
- At the end of Saturday's Doctor Who photoshoot, one of the Dalek cosplays decided to blast the group with his air cannon. I, cosplaying as Captain Jack Harkness, decided to go with the whole death and rebirth routine. However, when I did the rebirth part, I scared the crap out of a Martha Jones cosplayer, who was about to reenact one of the first scenes on the series 3 episode, Utopia.
- Just meeting a lot of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei cosplayers throughout the con in general. I wasn't really expecting it since Fan Expo caters more to the comic and sci-fi crowd than the gamer one, and Persona, while popular, is still a niche game.
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