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Cool Megacon 2013 Homestuck Thread

Hey guys! I'll be running three Homestuck photoshoots this year, and if you're worried about the fiasco of last year (which was not my fault, I got express permission ahead of time for the shoot and they thought I mean ONE photo even when I said two hours so it's miscommunication on their part) i'm working with them WAY ahead of time to arrange a shoot that doesn't have to tread all over the convention center before stopping in the smoking area of the bus station :')

Here's the facebook event:

  • Friday at 3:14
  • Saturday at 3:14
  • Sunday at 12:00

As of 1/10/13 the Homestuck photoshoot locations are at the times above in the grassy area outside Hall C. i'm sorry that it has to be outside but staff and security will NOT allow such large shoots inside.

Official tag is #MEGASTUCK

Come here to talk about other events (promstuck?) and what you'll be cosplaying! Note: if you're running other events I highly suggest setting them up ahead of time like I am with security.
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