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Originally Posted by AJ the Collector View Post
Honestly, a better guest lineup. I don't care if this sounds selfish, I feel like our suggestions aren't even being paid attention to when we have 3/4 of a guest list filled with people no one's heard of or asked for or people who have little to no actual relevance to what the con is about. Nothing is keeping the guest relations people from getting some of these popular, frequently requested guests they've supposedly been trying to get for years but conveniently never do--let's face it, they cannot possibly all be too busy or uninterested or difficult to contact.
I agree with this statement. I feel especially when it comes to cosplay guests, the lineup at Anime North isn't very good, at least for the past 2 years. The other con I go to is half the size of Anime North and always manages to get great cosplay guests. Good cosplay guests suggestions are always made in the thread that's sent to AN, so I find it very disappointing.
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