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Originally Posted by Shannynn View Post
The thing is about the guest suggestions thread is that most of the suggestions are... unrealistic.
Uh, no, not really. This past year, we actually avoided naming off any overly expensive people and stuck with just popular ones, didn't even name any bands because that's handled by the J-Rock North division. Next to no one on the list was someone they couldn't realistically invite {some of whom staff claimed they've been wanting for years, like Veronica Taylor and Crispin Freeman, and some of whom have explicitly expressed that they'd love to be invited, like Laura Bailey}, and yet we only got TWO people we asked for--two awesome people I hope they invite again, but still. And after this year's con, I went ahead and submitted a list of 25 commonly-asked-for people we've yet to see--and never got any sort of reply from the staff.

It's funny, they can't get popular voice actors with nothing else on their plate for that time of year, but they sure can get expensive-seeming just-barely-relevent writers, foreign pro wrestlers for Cosplay Wrestling, people we've seen at every single AN for years, and someone who has the very unique distinction of once attending AN as their first con years ago.
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