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I must say Blood_Sword I am amazed to hear you are pre everything as I have been following you for a long time as well from when I first found your amazing ukitake cosplay and the difference in you is startling now I look at you in pics and all I see is a guy

ahem anyway XD

But heres this thing I very recently went to a con met a wonderful person we exchange facebook details and when I got back I was surprised to discover that they were trans to male.
Now I was left instantly feeling guilty as I had assumed they were female and probably spent the whole weekend refering to them using the wrong pro-nouns and I feel rotten over it.
I have never asked the question about someones gender before because I would hate to offend anyone with it but now I am worried that by not asking I am offending people more by assuming they are a certain gender and essentially labeling them as such ><

Should I just be allowing people to correct me if I assume wrong or should I start asking in as polite a way as possible?
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