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Sailor V

So, I didn't see a thread on her..So I thought I would make a new one with my questions..
So to start..Once I lose enough weight I will be starting my MtF transistion, and thus, making it easier to do all the female cosplays I want to do, V being the main one.
There's a pic for those that need it to help.

Ok, so, see how her shirt is red and white? I have no idea what to do there..Does anyone know how to do that? I'm pretty sure it means I'm gonna have to alter a pattern and sew the red parts to the white parts to make a shirt..But I really have no
Also, what fabric would be the best for this?

That's just a normal pleated skirt right? I think I can do that, there are patterns and tutorials lol but what about that trim at the bottom? Would I just use bias tape in that color? And would i put it on before, or after I pleat the skirt?

On her shirt she has shoulder pad things. I know i can make them out of craft foam. Is this a good idea? How could I attach it to the shirt?

Sailor Fuku/bow:
I can follow a tutorial on this lol but what fabric do most people use for them?
to attach the bow, should I attach both the bow, and the area of the fuku the bow touches, to the shirt? I assume I could just make the broach out of sculpy, but a pin back on it and pin the bow and fuku to the shirt all at the same time..Just want others' opinions.

I just have no idea....I want them to be able to sit on my face where I can just take them off..I could buy fake glasses and pop the linses out and build around them, that's the easy part..But do they make transparent, um..whatever that part is called that goes over the ears on glasses..I would need them transparent in order to keep them on but so I can also remove them easily. If not, any suggestions?

I can figure out the rest, as I have seen tutorials all over for the gloves/glove rolls, and I know what heels to get.

Thanks for any help.
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