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Sorry been real busy here lately.

Monday Chest

Incline Smith Machine

Kind of did a little max but due to how it felt I decided to drop down and not aggro shoulder
245x5 for 3 sets

Hammer Incline Press- on this I alternated grips between close, middle or wideto hit different parts of the upper chest.

90x15 close
x15 wide
140x15 wide
x10 mid
180x10 mid 2 sets
x10 wide
Burn out on 90lbs, got 25 reps

Cable Crossover High Pulley- weight here means per side, so 40 is 80 etc.

80x10 3 sets While this was a good burn it was the absolute top of what I can do for sustained sets. Need to work on these a but more.

Monday night no cardio. I started it and someone came up asking me about training, so we talked and jumped right into his evaluation workout! This dude killed! He was gung ho, good positive energy. So I did not mind missing cardio that night lol.


This time I decided to drop weight on squats but do a ton of sets

Warmed up with various reps between 10-20 reps on 135 to 275. At 315 the work out began, 10 sets of 315 following the rep scheme of 10,9,8,7... all the way to 1 with 30-60 seconds between sets,

Good burn on the quads there, decided to train high rep hamstrings after that.

Leg Press/Feet close together to focus on Hams
5 sets of 50 reps at 200lbs.
At about rep 30 it gets really interesting lol

Hamstring curls
105x20 4 sets

I had unfinished business with the stairmaster from Monday so I did 35 mins of cardio in the pm.

Today- Shoulders- I wanted to focus on my side delt at start to work on rounding off the cap if you will.

Side Lateral Raises- Dumbells

5lbs. 10 reps
10lbs. 20 reps
15lbs 20 reps
20lbs. 15 reps
25lbs 15 reps
30lbs. 15 reps 3 sets

Front Raises- Going across the chest
10lbs 15 reps
15lbs 15 reps
20lbs 15 reps
25lbs 15 reps 3 sets

High Pulley Row to Head

Did 10-12 reps on weights of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 for 3 sets

No cardio tonight, had to pick up my bro at the airport.
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