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Besides brows, practice your contouring and highlighting. Use ash-toned browns, rather than bronzers, which contain too much red/orange. This will help bring out your cheekbones, and even de-emphasize your nose.

I think your eyes are your best feature, besides your skn. However, your eyes look a bit sloppy. Tidying up can help a lot. What kinds of brushes/tools do you use? It might help to start with easy looks, really polish your techniques, and then move on to more complicated makeup.

I would recommend overdrawing your upper lip, make it look fuller, without looking fake. Great tutorials on YouTube for tips.

Finally, practice posing as female. Pursing your lips or pulling a "duck face" looks unatural. Your second pic with makeup looks good, but try tilting your chin away from the camera, to make it look slimmer/smaller.

Don't know if any of this gives you ideas or a headache, as I've never critiqued MtF makeup before...
keep practicing and you will look amazing
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