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Originally Posted by wolfspeaker View Post
I must say Blood_Sword I am amazed to hear you are pre everything as I have been following you for a long time as well from when I first found your amazing ukitake cosplay and the difference in you is startling now I look at you in pics and all I see is a guy

ahem anyway XD

But heres this thing I very recently went to a con met a wonderful person we exchange facebook details and when I got back I was surprised to discover that they were trans to male.
Now I was left instantly feeling guilty as I had assumed they were female and probably spent the whole weekend refering to them using the wrong pro-nouns and I feel rotten over it.
I have never asked the question about someones gender before because I would hate to offend anyone with it but now I am worried that by not asking I am offending people more by assuming they are a certain gender and essentially labeling them as such ><

Should I just be allowing people to correct me if I assume wrong or should I start asking in as polite a way as possible?
Thank you! <3

Hmm.. you should apologize to him (if you haven't already) and keep in mind that when you meet someone and you want to be on the safe side (especially if you get the feeling they might be trans) it's always better to just be polite and ask them like what pronouns they prefer or so. I feel that's a better way of putting it than just asking "are you a boy or girl?"
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