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For the record, here's the list I submitted as ideas for 2013, along with suggesting the return of Brina and Tatum. Included with a few here are specific reasonings and such.

1. Andrew Hussie - Unbelievably obvious and completely possible choice
2. Laura Bailey - Has expressed interest in being invited but never has been
3. Yoshitaka Amano - Maybe not a completely realistic expectation for AN due to how pricey he likely is, but I can dream
4. Veronica Taylor - AN guest relations claims they've been wanting to get her for years now
5. Travis Willingham - He goes wherever Laura does and would be an awesome guest to have anyway
6. Doug Walker - If various other small/first-time/fan-run cons can get him, surely Anime North could
7. Kae Araki
8. Hitomi Nabatame
9. Paul Dobson - He was supposed to be there with his brothers in 2011 but couldn't make it, so it'd be great to see him be able to attend sometime soon
10. Tara Strong
11. Alessandro Juliani
12. Ikue Otani
13. Jennifer Hale
14. LittleKuriboh - See Doug Walker
15. Romi Park
16. Nolan North
17. Matthew Taranto - Brawl in the Family is becoming more widely-known and has merchandise and printed books now, so it would make total sense to give its author a booth somewhere
18. Todd Haberkorn
19. Robin Atkin Downes
20. Steven Blum
21. Darren Dunstan
22. Roger Craig Smith
23. Nicole Oliver
24. Crispin Freeman - See Veronica Taylor
25. Reuben Langdon

Personally, I'd also love to see Adella as a cosplay guest.
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