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So I worked on my gloves for my Morrigan cosplay and I got all the feathers attached. I also attached new feathers to my old Lilith costume for a friend. I started adding the bats to my tights and I am about half way done. All that is left is to finish the bats, work on my body suit, make and make my big wings. For Lilith I need to take the body suit in so it fits a friend and touch it up a little and make both sets of wings but I am waiting for some money so I can get the supplies I need.

I'm excited to get these costumes done. Other than actual work on the costume I need to do some work with my body. I tried my tights on last night and they make my butt look so good. I hope that by the time Sak comes I will have very nice muscular thighs and butt (my thighs have always been really strong, just trying to get rid of the little bit of fat thats there)
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