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What are the jobs? And in what environment do you work? Some very easy things to do is to make your day more active at work, meaning take the stairs instead of the elevator. Or volunteer to be the one doing any assignment which puts you in motion.

Now all of this is good but if you can wake up 30 minutes earlier every day you can work out before work. Even in doing basic body weight exercises will help you lose the weight you want and kick start your metabolism for the day. Squats, push ups, lunges, triceps push ups, leg lifts/abs and alike are all good staples of a quick morning workout. For a quick cardio burn you can do burpees mixed into those exercises.

Also diet is going to be key and with the kind of weight drop you want to do you need to make sure you watch your carbs and fat intake. What do you generally eat a day? I know your eating healthier but lets really examine what your putting in and see if there is anything we can add or substitute.
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