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I'll be making another trip to A-Kon next year. This will be my 3rd time going to A-Kon. I was absolutely glad that the staff decided to finally move to a bigger hotel. From what I saw of the hotel, it looks amazing! I'm just a little disappointed that they won't be having the Symphony Anime Orchestra this year. I enjoyed being a part of it last year. ^^

For A-Kon 24, I am planning (crossing fingers that I won't change the line-up):

*Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians
* Jackson Overland Frost (Human) from Rise of the Guardians
* Link from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I have Link about 90% done. I'm having to redo the red sash thing since the paint I used for Halloween did not go well..even if it was fabric paint. I'm also having to get the boots or make boot covers for him..and do the blue fabric paint designs on the white long sleeve. I actually won't be using a wig this time either, since my hair pretty much fits him. xD

Both Jack cosplays will be started on after Christmas. I pretty much already have the brown pants and waiting to open up the present with the blue jacket in it on Christmas. I have the paint supplies and will definitely work hard on this after Christmas. Both of these two looked like fun characters and it fit my budget greatly this year. College keeps me busy, so this was a nice easy load for this coming year. ^^
A-Kon 25: Dallas, TX! AWA 2013: Atlanta, GA (MSU Anime Club- maybe)

My cosplay list:
Leena/Rinon Toros from Zoids: New Century Zero
Davis from Digimon Season 2

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