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Looking for Photographer: ALA 2013 (group shoot)

ALA is getting pretty close and I have yet to see anyone who's said they are going to ALA who would be willing to have a photoshoot. So I'ma stick my neck out and take initiative! I have a group who would really like to have some pictures taken of our newest cosplays. We have Durarara and a Hetalia: War Succession group comprised of the same people. We don't have many pictures of ourselves, so it would be nice to be able to showcase our new cosplays!

We will be there all of the days of the convention, January 4-6 plus day 0 so shoot me a message or post here in the thread if you are interested! Thank you in advance!

PS: If I really get lucky, maybe I could have a photoshoot of a friend of mine and myself cosplaying as Kotetsu and Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny. We will be debuting these cosplays at ALA so it would be SUPER cool if we could have a shoot as well (:

Thank you guys! Hope to see you at ALA!
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