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Originally Posted by cyanidesun797 View Post
Does anyone have any advice I should know as a first time attendee? Besides getting in lines waaaaay ahead of time. That goes without saying.
Originally Posted by squishtastic View Post
Hey, guys! I'll also be attending for the first time this year, but just on Friday. I'm planning on cosplaying as a gijinka Deoxys, which I'm really excited for! I know that cosplay isn't the main event at PAX, but I want to go all-out on it for that same reason :>

Like others were asking, is there any advice anyone would like to give a first-time attendee?
1) Actually look at the programming. There's a ton of cool stuff that goes down at PAX East, and it's best to keep tabs on what the haps are.
2) Go to the concerts at least 1 night. Friday is usually the better night, as the Protomen play. And if you're not down with them, I don't want to know you.
3) Remember that this is nothing like an anime convention. It's an older crowd, so we're way more laid back and here to enjoy ourselves without dry humping each other.
4) Expect lines. For real.
5) Learn the Iron Guard position. This is not a joke.
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