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This is my line up so far for Ota, prone to change depending on funds for finishing cosplays. ^_^
-Espio (Sonic video games)
-Horohoro (Shaman King)
-Genderbent Madoka (Mahou Shoujo Magica)

Maybe: -Kirito (Sword Art Online), still not sure.
Cosplays for 2014

Katsucon 2014-

Hashirama Senju (aka First Hokage) = In progress- Naruto

Horokeu Usui (Aka Horohoro), Battle Suit = 100%- Shaman King

Dave Strider (God Tier) = 100%- Homestuck

Planning to Attend Con:
Katsucon 2014
Otakon 2014
Nekocon 2014

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