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K-On! Outfit Help

Hey all! A friend of mine, and myself, suddenly fell into the K-On! fandom (a little late) and we decided to go to Anime Central as Azusa Nakano and Mio Akiyama. We have the right heights and play their respected instruments so we figured why not?

But we are having issues finding the correct blazers for their outfits. They're a navy blue color, but we keep finding really light blue ones. High saturation and too vibrant. We just want something that's close to their outfits, it doesn't have to be perfect. We want to buy them together/from the same place so that the outfits are uniform. If we can't find the blazers, we were going to wear the yellow vests they have, but we're aiming for the blazers.
We aren't too worried about the buttons on the blazers, we can easily add/remove them if we need.

I minus well add that we still don't have the skirts yet either. Since it's winter, it's kind of hard to find them. But if there are suggestions, we'll take them! They're also some weird grey/blue color that's uncommon. Plain grey skirts are fine.

Any pointers would be welcomed!

Mio Akiyama reference:

Azusa Nakano reference:

You can't see their feet but that's ok, we already got the shoes/socks.

Thanks again!
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