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Looking for a Photographer: Indianapolis ACross 2013

I'm new to this but ill give it a shot.

I want to hire a Photographer for a private photo shoot of my character (or with a small group from same Anime).

The Con is Anime Crossroads 2013 [Dec. 13-15] in Indianapolis,IN.. i can forward you the address later as it gets closer.

I am being there a day BEFORE the con so December 12th is when i'd like to have the shoot.

NOTE: if you are able to make printed photos of the cosplay for a picture frame and can mail it to me, please tell me how much that will be, i'd love to have one for my mother to see.

I'm also looking for a photographer that wont charge a bunch, cuz i don't have a lot of money since i got to pay for badge/food/cosplays/hotel/transportation etc etc.

PLZ email me if you are available:

IMPORTANT!: if you made schedule with me but then later can't please let me know 1-2 weeks before the con so i can find another photographer. ALSO i will let you know in advance if i can pay or be there.

Payment Type: Cash and Paypal,Money Order.
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