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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
I would not recommend this diet at all. It can be dangerous in the long run, and as soon as you go off the "diet", you'll likely gain all of the weight back. Your body's energy source of choice is carbohydrates, and low-card diets can be very dangerous even if they seem to reap results at first.

Dieting is a tricky thing, and there is no shortcuts to it. The best and safest way to lose weight is to just exercise and eat healthy (not one or the other, but both). I would not encourage this sort of diet to anyone.
Hi Fish-and-Chips-Yum,
Mmm, fish and chips haven't had those for a while. Well getting onto my point, I am not trying to flame or anything, but I am wondering why you believe this diet is bad for you?

It is true that many old research articles show a "high fat diet" is fat bad but I feel that the papers may have missed a few things such as the amount of carbohydrates they considered to be low, maybe not letting the body adjust to a keto-adapted state, and maybe other stuff, not a doctor here.

There are many success stories of going on high fat low carb diet such as Jimmy Moore where he defines his health by not much weight he loss but by other statistics such as cholesterol level, LDL, and HDL. I am going to do the same. I have taken my blood count right when I started my low carb diet and my LDL, HDL, and cholesterol were good. I am going to see how it looks like after 6 months. If it's gotten worse then I'll be changing my diet.

From one of Jimmy Moore's podcast with Dr. Jeff Volek, though I might be getting it confused with some other doctor haha, Dr. Volek mentioned didncase studies of two groups of people going on different types of weight loss regiments. One low carb high fat and the other your typical "healthy" diet. Both were isocaloric so they ate the same amount. Both groups lost weight but the blood work of the low carb high fat group improved quite a bit. This is one of many stories that I hear in Moore's podcasts. I don't recall everything exactly but I say I got the gist of it.

Here is an article that I found from google by Dr. Volek,
We could probably spew articles back and forth at each other supporting our claim but I find this researcher to be credible.

Of course in the low carb high fat diet, you should be eating vegetables, just avoiding the carbs. If you think about it 10,000 years ago, people didn't have bread or grain. Though they died earlier, I don't think it was because of their diet.

I also agree with you on the initial weight loss/gain of low carb diets. One of my med student friends says carbohydrates are able to retain more water so when you go on low carb you lose water weight and going back to a conventional diet you gain all the water weight back. But after the initial water loss, fat is definitely burned.

I am also concerned about putting my body at risk so I'd be glad to see information on why it is dangerous.


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