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Adding on to this, since I am the aforementioned partner and the one holding the reservation. I will be arriving by plane at 9:15am that Thursday morning and should be at the hotel by 10, so we should hopefully be able to check in fairly early. A bit of a note regarding the conditions above: I will not allow smoking in the room regardless. However, if everyone else in the room is of legal age, I am willing to be a bit more lax on the drinking restriction. I just ask that you keep it reasonable. No drinking to the point of passing out/throwing up, no wild parties, and certainly nothing that would attract outside attention, since I am still considered a minor in this area. We feel our conditions here are laid out fairly well, and if they are breached, I will not hesitate to call anyone out on it or even ask them to leave. Once again, due to prior unpleasant experience. We're not trying to be hard-asses here, only trying to make the experience better for all of us.

A little less serious, I would also add that anyone wishing to stay with us be fine with crossplaying (which I do quite a bit of) and be at least slightly organized, so nobody risks tripping/falling and breaking a limb. With me, it's always a concern. If you're interested, feel free to contact either of us.
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