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Originally Posted by Quinn The Spazz View Post
I'm not sure whether to Glomp my cousin when I see her tomorrow or yell at her for making me watch Sailor Moon. I'm finally getting the childhood I was depraved of and I can't stop watching!
It's like crack isn't it? XD I dk if this will help or not, but it gets better and better with each season you watch, lol.

Originally Posted by KoalaKidd View Post
Eep! o><o thank you!

It's tempting for me as well, especially since I'm trying to lose a little weight and tone up--yay motivation! The next con I'm going to, Conbust at Smith, is great because it is focused around women in the anime/sci-fi/fantasy/nerdy communities, but also means that Yoko might not be well received. >< Perhaps it will be on my list for a later con.
You're welcome ^_^

Hey, that works, double motivation! Lol. Aww, why wouldn't Yoko be received well? I think that falls into the category, lol.

Originally Posted by Quinn The Spazz View Post
Daily semi-amusing story:

So after my cousin Kelsey sat me down and had me watch Sailor Moon, it’s become a running gag with her and a few of my friends that whenever anyone says “Tuxedo Mask” around me, I hold fake roses in my teeth and strike a pose XD

My friend Su had me do it at lunch. It wasn’t until I was already clenching flowers in my teeth with my foot up on the table like an idiot that I noticed our school principal behind me with a complete expression of “I’m never walking by this table again, this is where the crazies sit.” XD

Said friend is making me come dressed as Tuxedo Mask when I go over to her house next week just so I can do this.
LOL that's great!

For the bold section ~ PICTURES or it didn't happen =P

Originally Posted by kitsuneheart View Post
lol, just wait until you get to the Sailor Stars arc of Sailor Moon. xD
My thoughts EXACTLY.

On another note ... My Eva costume is coming along nicely > I'm just sad about one thing ... her ridiculously designed top is totally unrealisitc ... freaking anime girls and not having nipples, what is this?! It's making it totally impossible for me to make my top like hers cuz of my freaking boobs, so I'm having to alter it quite a bit >_> I hope it still looks ok.
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