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I heard about this kind of eating 1 year ago and I lost 10 kgs. with it for 8 months. I have a friend of mine that is eating that way from 10 years and is teaching his clients this way of eating too (he have a sport studio). I think that this isn't just a diet, but a way of living. Just look at his body in the years:
Actually the most important thing is to understand the way our body is working, and that is obviously logical and is written in all the school books for the human body. We need small ammounts of sugar for our brain that our body can produce from the fat and proteins. The fats (here we must tell that we're talking about animal fat!!) are the normal source of energy for our body, not the sugar. There are a lot of things that the people don't know... for example the when you eat proteins must combine them with fat, if you don't do it the proteins will become sugar in the body... and more sugar - more acidic blood - more risk of heart attack. Actually the main cause for acidic blood is the sugar = carbohydrates.
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