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Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Well to be fair I watched and loved all of the new Battlestar Galactica, even the last 2 series where Gaius Baltar basicly became Jesus and everything got a bit too philosophical for its own good.

I just get annoyed when people go "OMG HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN XYZ?" Because I've been doing other things? The entire world doesn't share your viewing habits you know, I've even stopped being phased by people not having seen Star Wars.
I can totally understand wanting the people you like to like the same things you like so that you can talk about the things you like together. I'm always disappointed when I recommend something to someone thinking that they'll love it as much as I do and they go "meh" because then we can't enjoy it together. I do dislike the attitude of, "Oh you haven't watched this anime, read that comic book, played that video game? You're not a real fan."

For the record, I love Firefly. I acknowledge the quality of Battlestar Galactica, but it was too grim for me. The Saint is a big fan but every time I watched it with him I'd just get depressed.

Originally Posted by fullbleed View Post
Sorry, I have been complaining about other people's posts or just habits far too much lately. I need to take a leaf out of the Hag's book and give it a rest.

I don't really have the crutch of cute animal to fall on though. Hmm... what else do I usually even post other than snobby complaints?
Hey, cute animals are not a crutch - they're a life philosophy!

@Emmers. Hope things work our with the cat. Having a fuzzy pet makes life better.
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