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Got to see the kitty! He's been in the shelter for 5 months and has been moved to one of these big wall to floor cages with another kitty. The lady at the shelter was so glad that someone wanted to see Owen because no one seemed to want him :| he's a really energetic cat that was playing with Brando's hand and nibblin' and what not so it seemed that people just didn't want him because he wasn't a laid back lap cat.

Brando hasn't had cats before so when he was 'scolding' Owen for his nibbling he snaps his fingers in Owen's direction and the kitty calms down instantly. The women at the shelter who volunteered where really amused that Brando and I where apparently the only people who Owen calmed down for.

The woman who was talking with us and showing off Owen seemed to really like us and liked that we came specifically to see Owen. From what she told me it just seems no one wants a playful cat like him, so they where just really happy to see someone putting in to adopt him.

She said that normally we should get an email within 72 hours but since the Holidays are here it might take longer. If we're accepted we could get him Friday or Saturday since they have the work week off.
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