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Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
My friend does that with One Piece and I want to stuff a steak bone down his throat....

Also PLAYFUL KITTIES ARE FUN! And they can be laid back as long as you play with them and they tucker out. Just like dogs =3
I love One Piece and all but just because I love it doesn't mean you should or have to as well. If you are going to get into it I'd still recommend that Strong World movie. I haven't seen many episodes of it and I was able to follow it without an issue.

Owen was found chained up and starved in his previous owners yard, so the volunteers suspect that he's never actually had a chance to wander freely. Being that he was constantly outside and exposed to other dangers he having to then off made him a bit excitable. Once he came to the shelter he warmed up to humans well and what not. He's just always lived in a place where he's confined in some way. He's not a bad cat or anything of the sort, he just needs someone to give him room to stretch his wibble paws and play with him.

Poor kitty just needs a home and to get out of these cages.
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