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I understand that you haven't seen anyone become ill from this yet, but in the world of medicine, 7+ years can be a short time. There are some diseases or deficiencies that take over 20-30 years to become noticeable. With risks like cancer and heart disease, I simply don't know why you would take the risk. I'm not trying to berate you, I just want people to be informed before they do something to their body that could potentially hurt them greatly down the road. If you never have to deal with these possibilities, then that's fabulous, but you surely recognize that you're putting yourself at the risk?

It really just rubs me the wrong way when people try to cheat out how the body is supposed to work. Your body was intended to run on carbohydrates, as well as proteins and other nutrients in a balance. Any sort of extreme diet will have repercussions in the long run, whether it be in 5 years, 7 years, or 35 years. If you're still adamant about doing this diet then I wish you the best of luck, though I want people to be aware that just because something works now, it doesn't mean it's perfectly safe with no cost.

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