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Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
I understand that you haven't seen anyone become ill from this yet, but in the world of medicine, 7+ years can be a short time. There are some diseases or deficiencies that take over 20-30 years to become noticeable. With risks like cancer and heart disease, I simply don't know why you would take the risk. I'm not trying to berate you, I just want people to be informed before they do something to their body that could potentially hurt them greatly down the road. If you never have to deal with these possibilities, then that's fabulous, but you surely recognize that you're putting yourself at the risk?

It really just rubs me the wrong way when people try to cheat out how the body is supposed to work. Your body was intended to run on carbohydrates, as well as proteins and other nutrients in a balance. Any sort of extreme diet will have repercussions in the long run, whether it be in 5 years, 7 years, or 35 years. If you're still adamant about doing this diet then I wish you the best of luck, though I want people to be aware that just because something works now, it doesn't mean it's perfectly safe with no cost.
I don't see what the risks are. If LDL and HDL, good indicators of heart disease, become better following LCHF, I don't see why this would be dangerous.

From Dr. Jeff Volek he mentions there is no essential carbohydrate that we need. There is no essential carbohydrate that we need. It is true that in our body, red blood cells, some of other cells of the central nervous system, and the brain need a minute amount of glucose but your body can make that glucose from fat and protein. Those cells also adapt to using ketones. So you can survive from absolutely no carbohydrates.

Of course with this you should consider the long term effects but I'm not totally depleting myself of carbohydrates.

We both have arguments that say it is good and bad but with all this information going around, it is hard for any lay person to discern what information is correct.

I could say the same with the food pyramid. Ever since it's been introduced to the American society, obesity rates has been increasing. Supermarkets have ton of products that were Low Fat. I know this is not a direct correlation as there are probably a ton of other factors that come into play but I think we could both agree on that less sugar in products, especially high fructose corn syrup would alleviate a majority of metabolic syndromes.

Here is a long video on high fructose corn syrup, though you might be busy and might not have time for it
Dr. Lustig talks about the interactions of HFCS in the body, which went over my mind. If you have a good understanding of human chemistry I think you would fine this interesting.

From what I've read and experienced myself, I don't see any risk. But if people think that there is some risk associated with this and want to lose weight, they could do it for a bit and see how they feel, lose a bit of weight and go back to their version of a healthy diet. Personally during this summer by following the food pyramid and eating less, working out, I only lost a few lbs. Switching to LCHF I lost quite a bit of weight and other good side effects.

I am glad you're concern about my health. If something is working for you, then there is no need to change it.

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