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My dad has by and large been very supportive and understanding. My mom, not so much....

At one point she picked me up, and i was dressed as madoka kaname and the following conversation resulted.

Her: "Alex, that thing is tacky as hell."

Me:" Its one of my favorite outfits mom, lay off."

Her, "I wouldn't be caught dead in that thing, and you want to go out to the store in it?"

Me, "Well, I'm a lot more feminine than you. I mean, I can count the time I've seen you in a dress in one hand and Celester (my sister) near as i can tell, only wore one to prom."

Her: "Can't you go back and change?"

Me: "Why should I? This kind of stuff makes me happy."

It got worse from there. She now says she has no idea how to relate to me anymore, and i've pretty much stopped talking to her altogether. I may not even go home for christmas.
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