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Originally Posted by Kawaii Pocky View Post
I don't think what I was looking for on here was here, but I wanted to know, and I haven't looked for the pattern yet but I'm sure it's an easily findable one. But I just wanted to know... I'm going to be crossplaying so I'm not going to make or alter any of the pieces for it until I get my compression shirt so I can get those measurements. But I'm going to make the vest for my character and buy all the other pieces of clothing and alter them as need be. Since I want a masculine "body shape" I should buy men's clothes right? I mean I know it sounds like common sense but I had some friends telling me I should wear what's comfortable.

I know definitely if I get men's slacks I'm going to have to hem the bottom of the pants because I'm short. I have that issue with girl's pants too. XD But I was going to look up a pattern for a simple men's vest because I think that's the only part of the costume I'm going to make myself. Any way, I just wanted some advice. I wanted to pick up fabric and all that but I can't do any thing until I get my compression shirt because I'll need the measurements after the compression.

Link to my character, Akihiko from Persona 3. My first crossplay. X3 Zerochan doesn't allow hot linking, so I re-did ;p

You should go with men clothes not because of the shape (although it helps) but because of the fastenings. Men's clothing does up on the opposite side of women's, so for the sake of accuracy it would be best.

The glory of men's clothes is that it comes in waist and leg measurements. If you're short short, then try looking in the boys section. I mean, if you know anywhere that does school uniforms (I know there aren't too many in the states) then that would be the best place to go. Also, men clothes are super comfortable and actually the cheap stuff often fit a lot better than the cheap equivalent of the female stuff (this is because guys don't spend as much on clothes, so their good quality stuff is a lot less than ours).

Vest wise, I'd adapt a waist coat pattern - would be a good one.

Compressing wise, depending on how en-dowered you are, you can just use a sports bra (if you're less than a B). Also, you can go by the measurement of the band of your bra - if you're 38" under your bust, for example, you'll be just a couple of inches bigger. A tight elasticated vest will also do the job (has to be elasticated, otherwise breathing can be an issue!).

Fabric wise; for accuracy, a wool mix would be your best bet. However, for it to be cheaper you can use poly cottons and use interfacing to thicken it.
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