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Originally Posted by FuntomKitten View Post
So I got my Ririchiyo wig the other day and while it's pretty much's a tangle monster. Now it isn't actually detangling it that's making me consider postponing the costume. It's the fact that EVERY TIME when I am almost done detangling it, whatever is supporting it to stay where I can detangle it (since the back weighs it down a lot) gives out, the wig falls on me, and any work I had done is erased and essentially doubled since it tangles A TON when it falls.
What setups do you guys use to prevent this? ;.; Because what I have to do since I have nowhere it could hang up is put it on something like a desk and just use something to weigh down the front of the wig head it's on. I know I could check it every now and then and adjust it, but it still does it.
Also, since I'm in love with her design, I'd love to do Rikka from Chunibyo if I do postpone's seeming more like the logical thing to do since I don't know anyone else in the area that's cosplaying Inu x Boku soon. OTL I just don't know what to do since I love Ririchiyo's character so much. I'm considering trying it on to see if tangling is REALLY OBVIOUS and if not, just brush out what I can and leaving it tangled in places until I come up with a better solution.
It's time for my pre-holiday stressing, guys.
I pin (think those pins used for sewing) my wigs to my wighead and stick my wig head on my chair (it has a rod that fits the hole perfectly so its stays on there)

Anyways, I worked on my Dino wig today!~ In between coats I was trying to fix my Ginoza jacket because the paint leaked... its kinda working? O.o Also last night I got some more wig stuff from Arda for Seymour.
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