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Originally Posted by Wobniar View Post
I've got a Q about ribbons. Okay so, people with long chains on their badges.. do they put all their ribbons on their oldest badge? Or after each year they take all their ribbons off their older ones and move them every year to their newest badge? I have a lot of ribbons but I'm not sure which badge people put them on ^^
I collect a new batch of ribbons every year - the ribbons I earned last year stay on last year's badge because they're all connected to a memory of that con.

I've found that the easiest way to collect ribbons is to bring your own, because people are almost always willing to trade even if you don't fit whatever requirement they have set for their ribbons. Otherwise, just keep your ears open, be polite (as someone else said, ribbons aren't cheap, so a "please" goes a long way with people who bought them), and if nothing else you can ask other congoers where/how they got a particular ribbon. It's a good way to meet new people and socialize.

I'll have ribbons I'll be giving out for Sailor Moon trivia again this year, but be warned a lot of the questions are not easy. And anyone who comes to my Sera Myu panel on Friday night stands a good chance of getting a special ribbon there.
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