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Me: *sewing a skirt*
Mom: *hugs me* oh mija (oh daughter) I'm so glad that you're learning so much about sewing! Now you can start making lots of clothes.
Me: If it wasn't for me liking cosplay I would have never touch this sewing machine <.<
Mom: I don't care as long as you can sew. Just don't break my machine. >.>

Back then I use to dye my hair a lot because I love all the different colors and styles I could have:

Mom: Stop dying your hair! You're gonna go bald!
Me: noooooo!!!
*two years later when I got into cosplaying*
Me: *smiling like an idiot because of my new wig*
Mom: It looks good on you Diana
Me: Thanks! ^_^
Mom: Now see, didn't I tell you it was a good idea to buy wigs instead?
Me: *grumbles* couldn't you have stopped after the complement?
Mom: Just proving a point.
Me: Don't be too happy because I'm only doing it for my cosplay.

Anastasia(Once Upon A December Dress) - Anastasia 0%
Emma Swan (red ballgown) - OUAT 20%
Lolita!Mikasa -AoT 35%
Umi Sonoda (Animal Ver.) - Love Live 41%
Claire Redfield - RE Code Veronica X 50%
Heart Seller - Heartsmith 54%

Sophie Hatter (Blue & Yellow dress) - Howl's Moving Castle
Zelda - Skyward Sword
Blake/Neo - RWBY
Setsuka Heel - Skip Beat
Cerise Hood - EAH
Ruby - Sakizou Artwork
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