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SS- Banded Shield & Practice Sword

Hey guys! So, as I'm planning on going as Karane for Katsucon, I figured "Hey, I want a sword and shield too!" So, like any Skyloft Knight, I chose the practice sword, and the banded shield. (Not too shabby, yet not top of the line)

My construction ability still being tested, I'm going to be making them out of cardboard. So far, I've experimented with an 21 in diameter and an 18 in diameter circle. I'm tiny, So the 18 in works best for me.

My current plan is to cut out 3 more of these bad boys, being more precise with the creases for my outer 2, to mimic that 3 part wood. I expect 4 layers will be good for durability and such.

Any suggestions or tips you guys have, would be appreciated!

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