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Question Quadsuit (Dragon) Wings

So, I am making a Toothless quadsuit, and pretty much know how its all gonna be done. However, the only thing that is stumping me a bit are the wings. I know in a quadsuit they are slightly different then when in a fursuit. I kinda have an idea but, and still a bit unsure how to go about on it. I've seen other quadsuit vid's with wings and such but, like I said, I'm still a bit unsure. I am planning to make them out of pvc.

Anyone whose made a quadsuit (with wings) know how to construct/go about building them?

NOTE: I don't want to make moving wings! (I know kinda the opposite of most people) but, eh, that's how I wanna do it. Tis my first quadsuit after all. :P

Any help will be much appreciative.

(And if you wanted some ref pic's by any chance here are some):
Ref Pic 1
Ref Pic 2
Ref pic 3
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