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Originally Posted by Libis View Post
Do you know how to sew? What is your skill level? Sewing things to stretchy material is a pain in the butt. I would start with making a duct tape dummy of yourself to put the material on so that you can put things on the zentai without trying to adjust for stretch. You might start looking at fabric paints and see if your local fabric shop has stretch material in the correct colors (and stretches. On Catwoman I made the mistake of sewing on stretch material that didn't stretch as much as the zentai suit fabric did. My nose suffered as a result as I got quite the rub mark there.)
Zero sewing skill :/
I found some fabric paint that I'm hoping will work:
With something stretchy like this, would I be able to paint on larger areas? For example, the dark blue portions of her Zero Suit on the arms and legs.
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