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Originally Posted by Risami View Post
i'm looking for this sleeve tutorial excel saga sleeve but i need construction pictures i cant' follow steps with words its easier on me if there are pictures, but i cant' find any patterns and directions for this =( I make my own pattern but i'm clueless about these sleeves
This is the best I could find. hope this helps.

Originally Posted by PixiePopNixie View Post
I'm looking for curl tutorials for wigs for this character:

I've seen some tutorials, but they do curls like;

and I'm trying to avoid those kinds of curls, I'd rather make them softer looking, if that's possible. If it's not, does anyone know what length with you need to start with for the typical spiral curl whatever in the second image? I've not seen any tutorials which suggest wig length.

ALSO! Due to her wig colour being IMPOSSIBLE to find, I'm dying my own wig (sharpie method) and so the technique would need to be friendly to that kind of dying process (I've never done it, so I don't know what would be best for it)
This might help. Godsavethequeen is also on this site. Above all I'd suggest looking/posting on the wig section.
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