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-@SkyhawkTenshi14 Yea I heard about the snow covered hell out there hoping there won't be any weather issues by the time ALA rolls around.

-@Silvermokona Yea hope to see your improved Kogasa cosplay it was pretty good back at AX 2012 but you're making it better and I'm most definitely to see you and everyone else once again at ALA 2013!
Convention Schedule/Cosplay
Sakura Con 2014 April 18-20 (confirmed)/PC-98 Meira/Eirin Yagokoro/Formal Rinnosuke
Anime Expo 2014 July 3-6 (confirmed)/PC-98 Meira/Eirin Yagokoro/Rinnosuke (last day)
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014 September 26-28 (maybe)/PC-98 Meira/Eirin Yagokoro (maybe)


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