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My opinion goes with the others; use makeup to cover blemishes, matten your face (shiny faces on camera are really not that good-looking), and bring forward your features. Contour, shade and highlight to get prominent facial features that show up even in poor lighting; nothing is worse than being a complete blob with two dark dots for eyes.

Good luck!
That's a nice comment you got there... It'd be a shame if anything were to happen to it... ssssss....

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on that note:
"who is Ani-may and why is there a convention about her?"
Considering that Kingdom Hearts is perhaps the most over cosplayed series of this year and last, and Anime Expo is literally walking distance away from Disneyworld, I'm surprised that cosplayers don't just march on the gates, hundreds upon hundreds of KH cosplayers looking to storm the gates of Disney.
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