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Hello Everyone,
So I spoke to my friend and this is what she replied:
"They turn on the lights at like 6 or 6:30, when it gets dark. Natural sunlight works best, tho, even with a fancy camera like mine. If you are planning to do it outside, then it would probs be best in the afternoon hours as opposed to the evening, assuming that it will be cold. Sunset-ish time would be good for an outside shoot, or even for inside. Gazebo is pretty, but always so crowded. Therefore, I would suggest having it by the fountain, or in the "jungle" area, which would be better for a smaller/more private shoot. A good place outside would be right out the door where there's all that weird foliage, or at the pier by the harbor. I have no clue which would be best in terms of having a background characteristic of the movie cuz i haven't seen it."

Thus, with that said I guess I have a few quetions to ask: Indoor or Outdoor and Late afternoon or Eveing? Once we figure those two things out we can decide on a location. (Oh yea btw, HAPPY HOLIDAYS XD)

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