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Does anyone else ever lose motivation for their work if things aren't going well for them in their personal or social life?

I've had so many people who are supposed to be my friends in and around the hobby just act very inconsiderate and for someone with clinical anxiety, sometimes it's very overwhelming.

Doing a headcount starting from 2010 and going up til today, I've had 2 people deliberately drop me from groups and replace me, 1 photographer whom I trusted turn into a sour and bitchy bully, another photographer choose to ignore and overlook me entirely while doing photos of the rest of the group I was with (all of whom noticed but didn't do or say anything about it til much later after the fact), 1 person act like a sociopath towards me and deliberately isolate and exclude me while trying to get closer to my boyfriend, a supposedly very close friend write off the entire hobby as 'drama-mongers' (despite being a huge one herself) and stop talking to me, and now as of last night, I've had another very close friend act like she wanted me to come to a con, and then backpedal on the invitation when she found other people to room with.

At this point, I don't differentiate between intentional and unintentional when people screw me over. It's still someone screwing me over, and if they're going to be inconsiderate, I don't see why I should have to be.

It's just... getting too be too much for me at once and I'm tired and frustrated and now, I'm having a hard time finding motivation for my projects.
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