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Saw this thread which has died a little, but I wanted to post.

I'm 20 hear and entering my second semester of Junior year; so hard to believe how fast it is going. I study Biology up in UMass Amherst and have no idea what I wanna do with that haha. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't permit tons of clubs and stuff, but I am a teaching assistant for an intro class and I work with new students.

As for cosplay, most of my time is spent making them, rather than using them. With school, it can be challenging to travel to distant cons; there really doesn't seem to be many that happen close by. I feel like there are some cosplayers on campus, but I haven't been lucky to meet any of them; I would love nothing more than to meet some more people who cosplay and make friends with them. In the past when I've cosplayed Halloween, I've gotten a lot of mixed reactions because some people just don't accept it or think I'm strange lol; my hope is that changes in the future.

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