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Originally Posted by nevershutsupkat View Post
You'll be bringing Heero and Lady Une to Sakura Con?!!? Omg. We will TOTALLY get together and take pictures!! When I first cosplayed Duo, it was 2001 I think. The show had just aired on TV (here in the States, I dunno about Canada) and there were probably 20+ Duo's running amok! So, it has been so long since I have cosplayed as him and after rewatching the series a few weeks ago, I am BUMPED to bring him back from the death (haha. no pun intended). Once we get close to con time, we should exchange numbers or arrange to meet somewhere for photos!! *dance* I'm so excited for another GW cosplayer!!
I won't have Lady Une for Sakura Con, but I'll most likely be able to have Heero ready for it ... I'll most likely being doing his endless Waltz outfit because, well, since Sakura Con is on March, it'll probably still be a bit chilly to be running around in spandex shorts LOL
I think GW aired here around the same time actually, but I didn't actually get to cosplaying until 2003 ... because well, up until then I didn't even know much about Conventions. Lady Une was my first Cosplay at a Convention ever, but I haven't touched the costume since, and it needs some major revision before I wear it again XD... As for Heero though, I have most of that cosplay still ... just have to update a couple of small things and the it should be good to go. I'll definitely consider bring it to Sakura Con since it's a nice easy costume to pack and wear! (I'll be doing Hetalia cosplay for Sakura Con as well though )
And exchanging numbers or arranging to meet somewhere sounds awesome! It would be great to take some pics!
if you'd like to keep in touch on here, that would be awesome... but you can also find me on Skype (ravendunbar), AIM (RavenMDunbar) and Facebook(Raven Michelle Dunbar)
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