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Originally Posted by Joybug View Post
I would like to see distinct lines on the friday rather than the lines being clustered together (I had my pre-reg ticket last year and couldn't find anyone who could tell me which line was which for the longest time).
I would also like to see more signs directing people to events, and it would be awesome if they had the booklets at pre-reg rather than having to try to track one down the next day.
It would be nice to see people smoking in a designated area rather than in the lines, as well.

From cosplayers I would like to see some of the old cosplays come back. I can't help but love the older series and wish they were cosplayed more often, though I like a wide variety of series both current and old, the older ones don't get enough love.

I've seen in the past before, as well, where people arrange panels based on series, having cosplayers dressed up and having a fun session with other fans. I want to see more of that.

More than anything I want to see people at Anime north having as great of a time as they have in previous years. There didn't seem to be as much cheer last year as in previous.
well last year on friday there only was one line... I thought they would have been selling Friday tickets, but I never saw where they would do so... unless it was in another area or something... but maybe that's just it... maybe there was one line when there should have been 2...
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