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Originally Posted by Blood_Sword View Post
That sounds like it was a great moment for you two haha!
Lol, it sure was fun ^.^ Not going to lie, my 2 friends totally made that Saturday night the most memorable moment I have EVER had at a con! I'm lucky to have such good friends that I can drag on stage with me

On a related note, the con is called Anime Apocalypse. When I youtube search the con, I would say about 40% or so of the videos from the convention are videos of us doing Gangnam Style on the stage, or practicing around the convention XD Even had people ask us on Saturday if we were going to do Gangnam Style again, as well as people around the con talking about us. I wanted to leave an impression on the first year of Anime Apocalypse, and it seems like we did!

Learned from somebody that supposedly we were sort of all over Tumblr too during the weekend. Lol, not quite sure how Tumblr works exactly though XD

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