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Originally Posted by sukotsuto View Post
There are lenses like the 24mm/28mm f2.8 that are lower cost, but there is also the 28mm f1.8.
I used the 24mm F2.8 for a while. The sharpness isn't amazing, but the imperfections of the lens design make photos pretty interesting.

For conventions, I've been using:
24mm F1.4 (Full length shots, environmental shots incorporating a lot of background)
50mm F1.4 (Light, versatile)
50mm F1.2 (Interesting old glass/effect)
70-200mm F2.8 (Simplifying backgrounds, compression)

Originally Posted by Surfsama View Post
I chose to use primes because they're light, keep what I want sharp and what I don't blurred, and when night comes are invaluable. They are a PITA to swap-out but hey, that's why I use an interchangeable lens camera.
Same here, primes are a PITA but it's worth the trouble.

Originally Posted by Nerfherder View Post
I guess you'd prefer like a 35mm then? That should just about be enough. I found it suiting me much better than an 85mm though I liked the amazing distortionless pictures it produced when taking a few steps back. So many choices xD
I really want to try the 85mm! It seems a little redundant for me, but I think it should be pretty awesome to use.
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