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Originally Posted by UchihaKisa View Post
This makes me... Kind of worried about my cosplay. .__.;
We ordered from them a little bit ago.. {Doesn't remember how long it's been. Maybe a three or four weeks.}
And honestly, I live in the middle of nowhere, and finding my house is a pain... I'm hoping they don't just leave my package out somewhere were we won't be able to find it... v_v
Eerrrgh. They really do need to do something about their shipping. It's ridiculous that their squeeze a penny method for shipping is just going to lose them customers in the process. Hopefully-- they will send it to the right place [the plus side is they at least have the decency to call you the day that they're going to be dropping it off at your house so you know what time to be around for them. If it gets there.]

Please feel free to add your own review when you get your cosplay if you want to.
By curiosity, what cosplay did you order?

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