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Smile Pokemon Trades - Shiny Eevee and Mew Giveaway

Due to my little cousin playing with my HeartGold game during this recent holiday, I am now the proud owner of 12 Eevees and 12 Mews, all of them Shiny.

If you'd like one, find me at the con and we can do a trade as long as I am not busy with my "Who's That Character?!" panel or at a photo-shoot at the time.

Don't worry, I usually have tons of down time at cons and all you have to do is ask nicely~! Best way to find me? Look for my yaoi flag!
Best time for this would have to be during Day Zero when people aren't hounding me for photos or ribbons.

Trade me ANYTHING! I don't care what Pokemon you give me, I just want some of these rare lovelies to be given to loving trainers!

I know there is a way to trade Pokemon from HeartGold to Black/White/Black2/White2, so I will look into it. I encourage you all to do this as well.

Edit: There is a way, but I honestly do not find it a "fair" way. As in I'm giving you six pokemon and I get no trade in return. So I will not be transferring to Black/White or Black2/White2.

Bring your Heart Gold/Soul Silver, or Diamond/Pearl, or even Platinum version. Those I can trade with just fine AND get a traded pokemon in return.
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